P2p+ Former Volunteers
Members of the P2p+ Advisory Board

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Emily Elsner (Adams)

⭐ As an excellent note taker Emily contributed to document knowledge from the first global English sessions. Her notes  always arrived with a quick turn around.


⭐ Through her strategic thinking, Emily supported the P2p+ Improve team, helping us think through our operational model and sessions registration

Contributions (Nov 2020 -Jun 2021):


Hayat Askar

Monitoring and Evaluation Section Head 



Contributions (Nov 2020 -Jun 2021):

⭐ Hayat was a fundamental person during P2p+'s first expansion phase. being responsible for setting up the MENA hub. 


⭐ Hayat is strongly commited, organized, and has excellent time management skills.

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Kenza Bennani

Policy Evaluation Manager at French Foreign Affairs. 

France, Morocco


Contributions (Nov 2020 -Jun 2021):

⭐ Kenza's energy is contagious! She championed many activities of the EES young and emerging evaluators group. She was one of the colleagues who cheerished the idea of peer to peer support groups from the start.

⭐ Kenza was responsible for co-organizing the first French P2p+ sessions alongside with Marc Tevini.

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Marc Tevini

Associé - Consultant at Quadrant Conseil.



Contributions (Nov 2020 -Jun 2021):

⭐ Marc's creativity and team work and dedication are sensasional. 

⭐ Marc was responsible for co-organizing the first French P2p+ sessions alongside with Kenza Benani, alongside the production of a valuable list of M&E resources for YEEs in French.

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Nicoletta Numaldo

Partner at Collaborative Impact, Project Manager at euforia 



Contributions (Nov 2019 -Jun 2021):

⭐ Nicoletta is a champion of participatory approaches and inclusion. She was one of the co-founders of P2p+, when it was just an idea of the EES young and emerging evaluators.


⭐ Nicoleta played an important role supporting the design of the first P2p+ knowledge generation strategy and drafting the rational for P2p+ intervention.